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Manic & Bipolar Disorders


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Bipolar Puzzle Solution : A Mental Health Client's Perspective : 187 Answers to Questions Asked by Support Group Members About Living With Manic-depre
by Bryan L. Court, Gerald E. Nelson
Synopsis: Bipolar Puzzle Solution is a unique book written by a mental health client (with a psychiatrist's commentary). It contains actual questions from members of bipolar disorder support groups and covers the whole person: physical, emotional, and spiritual components of recovery. It brings all of the essential elements of recovery into one place, and it includes an easy-to-read question-and- answer format about subjects such as: employment, friends and family, disability, hospitalization, and more. No other book on the market has this format and covers a wide range of subjects of interest to those seeking information on bipolar disorder.

 Lithium and Manic Depression: A Guide
by John, M.D. Bohn, James W., M.D. Jefferson
From the Publisher: One in a series of concise, easy-to-understand, up-to-date booklets on major mental illnesses and their treatments. There is a lot of information circulating, and it is difficult to separate the useful from the trivial. A team of results-oriented clinicians wrote each of the guides. They draw on their own research findings and their own experiences working with patients and sort through studies done by other clinicians to present information on the latest, most efficient, effective treatments known. There is background information on each illness, often some self-help suggestions, and always the answers to commonly asked questions. Whether you need the information for yourself, a family member, a friend, a colleague, or a patient, one of these guides will prove invaluable.

Manic Depressive Illness
by Frederick K. Goodwin, Kay Redfield Jamison

 Overcoming Depression And Manic Depression (Bipolar Depression) The Non - Drug Approach
by Paul A Wider, Reuben Henriquez (Illustrator), Robert McParland (Editor)

The Depression Workbook : A Guide for Living With Depression and Manic Depression
by Mary Ellen Copeland, Wayne London

Synopsis: This book is based on the responses of 120 survey participants who share their insights, experiences, and strategies for living with extreme mood swings. Interactive exercises teach essential coping skills such as building a strong support system, bolstering self-esteem, fighting negative thoughts, finding appropriate professional help, and using relaxation and exercise.

Touched With Fire : Manic Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament
by Kay Redfield Jamison

From the author of the New York Times bestseller, An Unquiet Mind, Touched with Fire is an authoritative look at the relationship between manic-depressive illness and the artistic temperament. Psychiatrist Jamison advocates a restrained, humanistic approach to treatment that does not "cure" the disorder at the expense of artistic inspiration.

An Unquiet Mind
by Kay Redfield Jamison

In Touched with Fire, Kay Redfield Jamison, a psychiatrist, turned a mirror on the creativity so often associated with mental illness. In this book she turns that mirror on herself. With breathtaking honesty she tells of her own manic depression, the bitter costs of her illness, and its paradoxical benefits: "There is a particular kind of pain, elation, loneliness and terror involved in this kind of madness.... It will never end, for madness carves its own reality." This is one of the best scientific autobiographies ever written, a combination of clarity, truth, and insight into human character. "We are all, as Byron put it, differently organized," Jamison writes. "We each move within the restraints of our temperament and live up only partially to its possibilities." Jamison's ability to live fully within her limitations is an inspiration to her fellow mortals, whatever our particular burdens may be. --Mary Ellen Curtin

 We Heard the Angels of Madness : A Family Guide to Coping With Manic Depression
by Diane Berger, Lisa Berger (Contributor), Diane Bergerm, Alexander Vuckovic
Synopsis: When 18-year-old Mark returned home from college, his family thought he was on drugs. In fact, he was suffering from manic depression. This is the intimate, inspiring story of how Mark's family coped with his illness and the valuable information they gathered about manic depression: up-to-date, useful facts on drugs, doctors, therapy, insurance and other resources.


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